Mutual Funds

Why Should REDMIL’s Digital Entrepreneur work on Mutual Funds?

  • Attractive payout
  • Industry growing @ 10% annually
  • Recurring Payouts as payouts are calculated on daily basic till the time client have investments in mutual funds schemes, it could be years or even decade
  • Payout in appreciated investment value. Payouts are calculated on current appreciated value but no invested value
  • Industry still has big Gap. Wonderful opportunity for growth

Your Instructor

Ashish Paliwal
Ashish Paliwal

Mr. Ashish Paliwal is the founder of REDMIL Group. He has 13 years of experience in Sales. He is a thought leader with a strong sales exposure.

Mixing his creative ideas with his vast experience in the field, he brings the simplest solutions to the most complex situations.

He has an optimistic approach and is extremely hardworking.

He aims big and provides full devotion to his dreams.

He treats his team like his family and believes in its growth and development also along with that of the company.

Mr Ashish Paliwal(CMD) is also the member of Rotary Club, Iskon temple and BNI.

Course Curriculum

  What is Mutual Funds?
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days after you enroll
  How working with REDMIL is different?
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  How to remove negative perception about stocks and Mutual Funds?
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  customer point of view
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can mutual funds be sold completely online with REDMIL Business Mall application?
Yes! you got this right.
If I face any issues or need some guidance in selling Mutual funds, will someone be there to help?
With all passion “Yes!” You can call on +91-81 91 92 93 94 our representative will connect you with an expert.
Can i work with all the AMCs?
Yes, we have got almost all the AMCs portfolio online on REDMIL Business Mall